Ricardo Tena studied at the historic school of art and design, La Llotja in Barcelona. After working in different design studios, he decided to travel around the world. Back in Barcelona he began to focus on developing projects and objects where he could create and produce end to end pieces with artisan processes and design solutions. He experimented with different processes and techniques, blacksmithing – as the son of a blacksmith, wood and stone carving. He found many innovative and creative solutions, developing unique pieces, sometimes as a series, where the main exploration was to find the beautiful conversation and middle point between art and design that after years has led him to achieve his own recognisable language.

My work is represented by Galeria Rubén Torres.

2019 – COLLECT London Art Fair
2018 – Exhibition, Galeria Rubén Torres. Barcelona Spain
2017 – SWAB Art Fair
2013 – Exhibition in Formista, Barcelona. Spain